The Tempest. 2: Set me free

Tutorial 2: 'Set me free'

Tutorial: 'Set me free'

Key timings in the tutorial are:

00 00: Listening to Verse 1 and the raps - the opening section of the song.
01 20: Learning Verse 1, beginning: 'In the shade of the lemon tree...' Listening to Carrie singing a line and then repeating it with the choir. At 03 15 singing the verse right through.
03 41: Learning the chorus, beginning 'Ooooooooo set me free...' Then splitting in to two groups to learn the chorus with the lower part harmony and then putting both parts together.
06 48: Learning Verse 2 (and chorus), beginning: 'I hear the song of the mocking bird...' Listening to Carrie and then repeating with the choir. At 07 45 singing the verse right through.
08 33: Learning the two mini raps, beginning: 'The monkeys and the parakeets...'
10 15: Singing 'Set me free' all the way through.

The story

Episode 2 of the story: Prospero explains to Miranda how they came to be living on the island


Prospero has some explaining to do! Miranda wants to know why he’s almost killed the passengers of the passing ship. So Prospero fills her in... It turns out he's not just a wizard but was once also Duke of Milan. But he was overthrown by his brother, Antonio, and Prospero and Miranda were set adrift in a leaky rowing boat...but at the last minute Prospero was given his science books by his faithful friend, Gonzalo.

Ariel enters to let Prospero know everyone from the ship has landed ashore, in keeping with Prospero's plan. Ariel yearns for the day when Prospero will set him free.

See Resources below for a quiz about the story episode.

Song: 'Set me free'

Song 2: Set me free (vocal)
Song 2: Set me free (backing)

Learn the song 'Set me free' - about Ariel's yearning to be free of Prospero's control.

Once you have learnt the song singing with vocal version you can polish your performance singing with just the backing track.

Click here for the lyric sheet.

Click here for the music sheet.

Listening music: Music from the ghetto' by Singing Sandra

Calypso - an extract from 'Music from the ghetto' by Singing Sandra

Listen to the extract from ‘Music from the ghetto’ by Singing Sandra.

  • The song helps us to identify some of the characteristics of calypso - the singing style, the rhythm and instrumentation.


Song 2 - tutorial trancript
Song 2 - lyrics
Song 2 - music
Episode 2 - transcript
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The playscript
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