Primary Music KS2: Romans - 7. Into the arena

The song explores Roman entertainments...including the gladiators.


With Mercury's help we visit different arenas for Roman 'entertainment'. Poetry and drama are performed in special half-circle theatres built of stone. The song 'Into the arena' reflects the contrast between ‘comedy’ and ‘tragedy’ in its melody phrases going up and down.

At a huge racing arena – the Circus Maximus – horses and chariots race dangerously around a long race-track; at an amphitheatre wild animals are cruelly displayed and hunted down and at the Colosseum gladiators fight to the death. Why..?

The song reflects on these changing moods, also reflected in the changing accompaniments, which include some contemporary styles and elements.

The song: 'Into the arena'

Song 7: 'Into the arena' (Vocal)

Song 7: 'Into the Arena' (Backing)


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