Primary Music KS2: Romans - 9. Rehearsal and performance 1

Rehearse the first four songs of Romans using the full-vocal and backing track versions.

Programme introduction

The final two programmes provide the opportunity to rehearse the songs in the series. The songs in programme 9 are:

Vocal version (extract): ‘Signals!’
Instrumental backing: ‘Signals!’
Vocal version (extract): ‘Is that a fact?’
Instrumental backing: ‘Is that a fact?’
Vocal version (extract): ‘Boudicca!’
Instrumental backing: ‘Boudicca!’
Vocal version (extract): ‘Oh, the strata of society’
Instrumental backing: ‘Oh, the strata of society’

Building confidence; combining voices with instruments, drama and movement.

You will need
Lyrics for the songs ‘Signals!’, ‘Is that a fact?’, ‘Boudicca!’ and ‘Oh, the strata of society’ via digital-projection, whiteboard, print-outs, or a smaller screen (if in smaller groups). You may also like to refer to the separate melodies and chords provided.

Teacher's Notes - guidance on the series

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