Primary Music KS2: Romans - 8. Make a mosaic

Exploring Roman arts and crafts, including mosaics and pottery.


The song focuses on musical pattern-making, combining a few simple elements to make a bigger picture - as in a mosaic! The elements of rhythm, harmony, melody and texture all play a part, while the sounds of different instruments provide some texture and ‘colour’ to enrich our experience.

Mercury introduces creatures and faces from Roman mythology, as are often portrayed in mosaics. The song also explores some creative aspects of Roman home-life and society, especially sculpture, pottery, jewellery, fabrics and glassware (many of which can be discovered in local museums). The song can also be ‘danced’ to a simple swaying-and-turning step-pattern and as a circle-dance.

The song: 'Make a mosaic'

Song 8: 'Make a mosaic' (Vocal)

Song 8: 'Make a mosaic' (Backing)


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