Primary Music KS2: Romans - 5. Spin that coin

Finding out about Roman games, pastimes and everyday activities.


We exchange coins for goods on sale at a Roman marketplace, find out about Roman money and trade and about a few of the Emperors whose heads are shown on the coins. At a Roman home, we roll dice and explore some of the toys and games Roman children played with - knuckle-bones, dolls, hoops and sticks, model chariots and marbles.

The song features a rhythm of regular ‘quavers’ and a simple tune hovering around 2-3 notes at a time. It also introduces several aspects of Ancient Roman dance and music, especially instruments - flutes, lyres, tambourines, castanets and finger-cymbals - all of which (or modern equivalents) can be used in the children’s song accompaniments and simple compositions, alongside spinning and rolling sounds.

The song: 'Spin that coin'

Song 5: 'Spin that coin' (Vocal). Sing along to the full-vocal version of the song 'Spin that coin'

Song 5: 'Spin that coin' (Backing). Sing along to the backing track of the song 'Spin that coin'


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