Primary Music KS2: Romans - 3. Boudicca!

Exploring Boudicca and the revolt of the British tribes against the Romans.


Mercury whizzes us to Ancient Britain, to a time when the invading Roman army was trying to control the Celtic tribes they found there. We encounter Boudicca, leader of the Iceni Tribe, who is angry with the Romans and is leading resistance against their power.

Boudicca’s song is full of driving rhythm-patterns and changing speeds, also changing between loud and quiet.

The accompaniment has ideas for different body rhythms, drums and metal percussion instruments, which are the basis for simple composing activities based on a chariot ride.

The song: 'Boudicca!'

Song 3: 'Boudicca!' (Vocal). Sing along to the full-vocal version of the song 'Boudicca!'

Song 3: 'Boudicca!' (Backing). Sing along with the backing track version of the song 'Boudicca!'


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