Primary Music KS2: Romans - 2. Is that a fact?

Exploring the historical truth behind some well-known Roman stories.


The song ‘Is that fact?’ encourages us to think about different types of evidence and belief in our understanding of the past. It revolves around some famous characters and their stories - each of whom we visit in turn led by our guide, Mercury.

We sing about the abandoned twins Romulus and Remus being saved and suckled by a she-wolf; then the founding of Rome; Julius Caesar and Claudius invading Britain; Nero’s burning of Rome; Mount Vesuvius erupting over Pompeii and Hadrian’s Wall.

The jazzy, foot-tapping song includes joining in with finger-clicking and quiet beat-box cymbal patterns. Its melody enables children to invent five note tunes influenced by Ancient Roman modes and our different moods.

The song: 'Is that a fact?'

Song 2: 'Is that a fact?' (Vocal). Sing along to the full-vocal version of the song 'Is that a fact?'

Song 2: 'Is That a Fact!' (Backing). Sing along to the backing track of the song 'Is that a fact?'


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