Primary Music KS2: Persephone - 6. Persephone is home

In programme six Persephone is finally free…she is reunited with her mother, but her freedom has been won at a price.

Before the programme:

  • Discuss the story so far. How did Demeter find out that Hades had taken Persephone? What do you think she will do now?
  • Meanwhile, Hades has prepared another magnificent banquet and in it, there is a special fruit that Persephone finds very hard to resist! Can you remember what it is?


  • Jumpy, energetic rhythms – off the beat
  • Call and response
  • Repetition

You will need...

  • To be familiar with the words and music of the song.
  • To have hands, voices and percussion instruments ready for the activities.

Story line

  • Demeter visits her brother Zeus. Persephone eats the pomegranate seeds. Persephone is allowed to return to Demeter for six months of the year, but must stay with Hades for the other six.
Teacher's Notes

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