Primary Music KS2: Persephone - 5. Persephone said 'No!'

In programme five Persephone is offered magic food by Hades - if she accepts she will have to stay underground with him forever.

Before the programme:

  • Talk about what happened last time - how the world has changed and Demeter has neglected her duties since she lost Persephone. Hades, meanwhile, is trying to tempt Persephone to eat, but she refuses to eat any of the delicious banquets he puts in front of her.
  • Look at the words of the first and second verse and chorus of ‘Persephone said no!’ What different foods can you spot?


  • Long/short rhythms
  • Fast and slow
  • Call and response
  • Pulse
  • Texture

You will need...

  • To be familiar with the words and music of the song.
  • To have hands, voices and percussion instruments ready for the activities

Story line

  • Demeter finds out that Persephone has been taken by Hades. Hades tries to tempt Persephone to eat something.
Teacher's Notes

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