Primary Music KS2: Persephone - 4. She's everything to me

In programme four we return to Demeter, mourning her missing daughter Persephone and searching everywhere for her.

Before the programme:

  • Discuss what you think Persephone misses most, now that she is living with Hades in the Underworld. What will Demeter’s reaction be when she returns home to find Persephone is gone? Look at the words of the first verse and chorus of ‘She’s everything to me.


  • Phrasing
  • On and off the beat
  • Call and response
  • Singing gently and smoothly

You will need...

  • To be familiar with the words and music of the song.
  • To have hands, voices and percussion instruments ready for the activities

Story line

  • Demeter returns home to find that Persephone has gone. She searches everywhere for her.
Teacher's Notes

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