Primary Music KS2: Persephone - 1. Demeter makes everything grow

In the first programme of the series we meet the goddess Demeter - mother of Persephone - who makes the crops grow.

Before the programme:

  • Ask the children what they know about Greek myth. Talk about the gods and goddesses and what the Ancient Greeks believed about them.
  • Find Greece on a map. This is where our story takes place.
  • Talk about what we know about the seasons. What are they and what happens in each one? What are the children’s favourite seasons and why? The Ancient Greeks told this story to explain the cycle of the seasons.


  • 4 beats in a bar / 3 beats in a bar
  • Jumpy rhythms
  • Improvising

You will need...

  • To be familiar with the words and music of the song.
  • To have hands, voices and percussion instruments ready for the activities.

Story line

  • We meet Demeter and her daughter Persephone.
  • We learn that Demeter has to travel far from home, often leaving Persephone alone.
Teacher's Notes

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