1. What a Lovely Midsummer Day

The first song is an upbeat celebration of the forthcoming marriage of Duke Theseus and Queen Hippolyta.

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Song 1: 'What a Lovely Midsummer Day' - Vocal

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Our storyteller - a woodland sprite called Puck - welcomes us to Athens. It's a special time as Duke Theseus is shortly to marry Queen Hippolyta.

Elsewhere the course of true love is not running as smoothly. Hermia, a young Athenian woman, is in love with Lysander...but her father, Egeus, has promised her to Demetrius. To make matters worse, Egeus has the support of Theseus.

Helena, another Athenian lady, is in love with Demetrius...but he only has eyes for Hermia now.

Lysander and Hermia decide their only option is to run away from Athens and marry secretly in the woods outside the city. But they share their plan with Helena and she decides that telling Demetrius may win him back.


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What a Lovely Midsummer Day - Lyrics
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Song 1: 'What a Lovely Midsummer Day' - Instrumental

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Backdrop - A courtly palace in Athens

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