5. The Man of My Dreams

The song is a comic love song for Titania and Bottom (now with the head of a donkey) in the style of a 90s pop ballad.

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Song 5: 'Man of My Dreams' - Vocal

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Mistress Quince and her troupe of actors meet in the forest to rehearse their play. While waiting offstage for his cue, Bottom has his head transformed into that of a donkey by Puck. His companions flee in terror but Bottom, thinking that they are playing a trick on him, walks through the wood singing as he goes, to show that he is not afraid. He strays into the sleeping Titania, whereupon she wakes and instantly falls in love with him!

Puck tells Oberon what has happened when Hermia and Demetrius pass close by. Hermia suspects that Demetrius is somehow responsible for Lysander’s earlier disappearance and pleads with him to tell her where he is. When Demetrius cannot, she runs off to try to find him herself, whereupon Demetrius lays down to sleep.

Oberon, seeing all this, realises that Puck must have used the magic flower on some other Athenian. He commands Puck to find Helena and bring her to Demetrius, whose eyes he will charm...


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