6. Love Rectangle

The song has solo parts for the four young Athenians and is in the style of classic musical theatre.

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Song 6: 'Love Rectangle' - Vocal

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Puck leads Helena to Demetrius, whereupon Lysander appears and restates his love for Helena. When Demetrius, who is sleeping close by, wakes up and sees Helena, he too falls madly in love with her under the influence of the magic flower. Helena thinks that she is now being made fun of by both Lysander and Demetrius.

Hermia arrives and Helena accuses her of being in on the joke as well. Hermia also thinks Lysander is mocking Helena; when she asks him to stop, Lysander turns on her. Hermia then turns on Helena, thinking that she has seduced Lysander with her height.

All four lovers almost come to blows, at which point Oberon appears and freezes them where they stand. He's furious and commands Puck to lead the lovers through the forest until they all fall asleep and then to charm Lysander’s eyes so that he might fall in love with Hermia again. Puck summons a thick fog and prepares to lead the lovers their separate ways through the wood.


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Song 6: 'Love Rectangle' - Instrumental

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