Heroes of Troy: 7. Heroes (finale)

Odysseus and a crack contingent of Greeks hide inside the wooden horse and the main part of the Greek army pretend to leave. The Trojans find the wooden horse and wheel it inside the gates of Troy and celebrate. They think it's all over...

Tutorial 7: Join David Grant to learn the song ‘Heroes’

Tutorial: 'Heroes (finale)'

Song style: soul / swing
Sung by: The Greek winning side and chorus
Subject: Enjoying being a hero
Learning experience: To learn the final song in sections...and put on a performance of the songs if you wish

The story

Episode 7 of the story


A select group of Greek soldiers including Odysseus, Menelaus and the Old Soldier spend the night inside the wooden horse outside the gates of Troy. In the morning the Soldier sees that the entire beach is deserted - although the Greek army is in fact hiding behind a nearby island. The Trojans begin to celebrate and they wheel the wooden horse inside the city gates, just as the Greeks had intended.

That night there is a party in Troy and unnoticed the Greek soldiers slip out of the wooden horse and open the gates to the city. Outside the entire Greek army is waiting. The Old Soldier concludes: 'The truth is, this last bit of my story is not one I'm proud of. It's not exactly...heroic.'

I'm thinking: 'What was that all about then?'
The Old Soldier

See Resources below for a quiz about the story episode.

Song: 'Heroes (finale)'

Song 7: ‘Heroes’ (vocal)
Song 7: ‘Heroes’ (backing)

Learn the finale ‘Heroes’ - sung by the victorious Greek army.

Once you have learnt the song singing with vocal version you can polish your performance singing with just the backing track.

Click here for the lyric sheet.

Click here for the music sheet.


Tutorial - transcript
Song 7 - lyrics
Song 7 - music
Episode 7 - transcript
Teacher's Notes
David Grant's vocal warm-up
Heroes of Troy - playscript (pdf)

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