Heroes of Troy: 1. Is it love?

Paris - prince of Troy - arrives in Sparta, the home of King Menelaus and his beautiful queen, Helen...

Tutorial 1: Join David Grant to learn the song ‘Is it love?’

Tutorial: 'Is it love?'

Song style: pop
Sung by: Paris and chorus
Subject: Paris dreaming he might meet a beautiful woman
Learning experience: To sing ‘Is it love?’ as a whole class - in two groups

The story

Episode 1 of the story


The story is told by the Old Soldier, looking back forty years to when he was a bodyguard at the Spartan court...

Paris, prince of Troy, is blown off course and his ships put in at Sparta. Troy is a powerful city and Paris is welcomed by King Menelaus and his beautiful queen, Helen. Paris makes himself at home and his familiarity with Helen gives the Soldier cause for concern.

When Menelaus is called away on business Paris uses the opportunity to declare his love for Helen and persuade her to return with him to Troy. The Soldier watches as Paris smuggles Helen on board his ship and the Trojan fleet ups anchor. The Soldier knows how Menelaus will react when he finds out; he knows it will mean war...and that he will be 'in it up to my neck'.

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Song: 'Is it love?'

Song 1: ‘Is it love?’ (vocal)
Song 1: ‘Is it love?’ (backing)

Learn the song ‘Is it love?’ - sung by Paris, Prince of Troy.

Once you have learnt the song singing with vocal version you can polish your performance singing with just the backing track.

Click here for the lyric sheet.

Click here for the music sheet.

Download the song audio (mp3 files)

1. Is it love? - Full vocal
1. Is it love? - Part vocal
1. Is it love? - Backing track


Tutorial 1 - transcript
Song 1 - lyrics
Song 1 - music
Episode 1 - transcript
Teacher's Notes
David Grant's vocal warm-up
Heroes of Troy - playscript (pdf)

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