KS1 Music: The Great Fire of London. 3: 'Let's get building!'

The song and other video content explores The Great Fire of 1666.

Song: Let's get building (vocal version)

Let's get building! Focus: Tunes from chords; houses, homes and buildings; 3D shapes.

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What happened after The Great Fire of London?

The Fire blazed for four days but by the fifth day had mostly been extinguished. Only a small number of people died but around 13,000 houses and 87 churches were burnt down, including the original St Paul's Cathedral.

Much of the city was redesigned by Sir Christopher Wren, who rebuilt St Paul's with a dome instead of a steeple.

Wren also designed The Monument to The Great Fire of London, which was built close to Pudding Lane to commemorate The Fire and to celebrate the rebuilding of the city.


Song: Let's get building (instrumental version)

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