KS1 Music: The Great Fire of London. 2: 'Fire, fire, everywhere!'

The song and other video content explores The Great Fire of 1666.

Song: Fire, fire, everywhere! (vocal version)

Fire, fire, everywhere! Focus: Social history of streets and towns; clothes and writing; mammals and pets; musical scales; singing words clearly; steady beat; short and long notes.

Refer to the Teacher's Notes for more information about the song, including follow-up music activities based on it and suggestions for cross-curricular study.

What happened during The Great Fire of London?

Pupils are introduced to Samuel Pepys, who wrote about The Fire in his famous diary and also reported on it to King Charles II.

The king commanded Pepys to go to the Lord Mayor and order him to pull down the buildings in an effort to halt the fire.

Many people left London, taking their possessions with them. Others buried items to keep them safe, including Pepys who buried his cheese and wine in his garden.


Song: Fire, fire, everywhere! (instrumental version)

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Fire, fire, everywhere! - lyrics
Fire, fire, everywhere! - music
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