KS1 Music: Sun, sea and song. 4: Suki over the ocean


  • Repetition
  • Different rhythms

You will need...

...to be familiar with the words and music of the song. To have hands, voices and instruments ready for the activities.

Before you start...

Talk about what has happened so far. Suki and Nigel were caught in a big storm last time, but today they are rowing out to Golden Island to find the treasure.

Tutorial: Suki over the ocean

Nigel and Suki row towards Golden Island. Suki does some fishing on the way - and catches some unusual things!

  • Learning Verses 1 to 3, noting that Verse 1 has two sections.
  • Recognise the different rhythms in each verse.
  • Note how the first half of each verse is different from the second half of each verse - the second half describes the actions of whatever Suki has caught - eg ‘big fish snap!’ / ‘Octopus wiggle!’

Song: 'Suki over the ocean'

Learn with the vocal version of the song.

Then polish your performance with the backing track.

Download / print the song lyric sheet.

Download / print the song music sheet.

Sing with the vocal version of 'Suki over the ocean'
Sing with the backing track of 'Suki over the ocean'

Activity: Singing in canon

The activity is based on the music of the song and the children will need to divide into two groups - Group A and Group B.

  • The children sing the first verse of the song as a round.
  • Group A sings first. Group B comes in two lines later.
  • They sing the verse through twice.
  • The children can swap parts so that Group B has a turn leading.
  • They can also practise a different version of the round using one of the other verses of the song.

Story: The Golden Crab - Part 1

Audio with scrolling text

A fisherman catches a talking crab. The crab says he intends to marry the King’s daughter!

Surely not possible...unless the crab turns out to be a prince in disguise!

Story transcript

Listening music: 'Storm' from 'Four Sea Interludes' (composed by Benjamin Britten, 1945)

Focus: tempo - fast!

  • What does the music make the children think of? (It describes a big storm!)
  • What is the speed - or tempo of the music? (Fast!)
  • What is the dynamic? (Loud!)
  • Can the children hear the percussion instrument that is playing? It is the drum. What does it make them think of? Perhaps it represents thunder!
  • Listen again: the instruments are all playing loudly, quickly and at same time! There is so much going on! Perhaps the composer is trying to show how big and powerful the sea is during a storm.


Teacher's Notes
Song sheet
Music sheet

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