KS1 Music: Sun, sea and song. 3: My ship rolls over the ocean


  • Call and response
  • Getting louder - crescendo

You will need...

...to be familiar with the words and music of the song. To have hands, voices bodies and percussion instruments ready for the activities.

Before you start...

Talk about what happened so far. Nigel and Suki have set sail to find treasure. Discuss what the weather and the sea have been like so far. What connection can the children make between the weather and travelling at sea? What happens when there is a storm?

The tutorial video

Tutorial: My ship rolls over the ocean

Nigel and Suki continue their adventure at sea and are caught in a storm! Suki is scared of the lightning.

  • Learn Verse 1, 2 and the Chorus of the song.
  • Note how the lines in the chorus are repeated.
  • Talk about how this is a slow song and it starts off quietly, as it is a lovely calm day.
  • Children sing in Groups A and B - repeating each other’s lines.

Song: 'My ship rolls over the ocean'

Learn with the vocal version of the song.

Then polish your performance with the backing track.

Download / print the song lyric sheet.

Download / print the song music sheet.

Sing with the vocal version of 'My ship rolls over the ocean'
Sing with the backing track of 'My ship rolls over the ocean'

Activity: Copying a phrase

The children sing ‘Blow wind blow’ - copying Nigel - sometimes singing the phrase high, sometimes low.


  • Play or sing some high notes on a simple percussion instrument, such as a xylophone. Now play some low notes. Help the children to identify which are high and which low. What animals do the high and low notes remind them of - eg a mouse for the high notes, an elephant for the low notes?
  • Working in groups and using tuned percussion instruments the children can make up their own high or low pieces. They can base these on an animal and give them a title.

Story: The Fisherman and the Magic Fish - Part 3

Audio with scrolling text

Frederick and Isobel soon become dissatisfied once again so Frederick returns to the fish.

This time Frederick demands they are made the Sun and the Moon...but returns home to discover they now have nothing...except each other.

Story transcript

Listening music: 'Une Barque sur l'Ocean' (composed by Maurice Ravel, 1905)

'A Boat on the Ocean'

Focus: instruments / tempo

  • What instrument is playing? A piano. What sort of instrument is it? Describe how it is played. The piano is able to play lots of fast notes all at the same time. The pianist is playing with both hands with fingers moving very quickly!
  • Are the notes fast or slow?
  • What sort of a seascape does the music make you think of? Perhaps waves sparkling in the sunshine...a yacht bobbing along?


Teacher's Notes
Song sheet
Music sheet

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