KS1 Music: Music Food Fest

This five-part audio unit explores many aspects of food - growing, eating, nutrition, etc - and includes some traditional material adapted in new, fun ways. See the Introduction below or, for full details, go to the Teacher's Notes.

1. One Tomato, Two Tomatoes…
2. The Kitchen Sink
3. The Song Tree Grows Apples
4. Growth and Energy…Amazing Food!
5. Food is for Celebration
Teacher's Notes - guidance on the series


Music Food Fest includes some traditional material adapted in new, fun ways - eg the rhyme ‘One Tomato,Two Tomatoes’. There's also a baking chant which develops new recipes week-by-week; a lively ‘Kitchen sink’ song with kitchen-percussion activities; the gentle ‘Song Tree grows apples’ song; an ‘energy’ song in a modern style exploring nutrition and a food ‘celebration’ song with a catchy, syncopated rhythm, evoking different parts of the world.

The unit’s music objectives include:

  • aspects of pitch: higher and lower, up and down, and tunes that leap and jump
  • duration: steady beat, keeping in time, long and short notes, changing tempo and syncopation
  • recognising timbre

Refer to the Teacher's Notes for more information on the unit objectives.

Children are encouraged to adjust their vocal performance to suit particular songs - eg bright and clear, or smooth and gentle. As well as food fun and enjoyment for all, the unit links to elements of the Science and Geography curriculum at KS1 and encourages children to consider health aspects of their food choices and approaches to sharing our food.