Primary Music KS1: 2. The Kitchen Sink

The song is an action-song featuring pots, pans, forks, spoons, mugs and plates.

2. The Kitchen Sink


  • Body percussion actions
  • Keeping in time together
  • Lower and higher
  • Recognising timbre

You will need:

  • Percussion instruments (as in Programme 1).
  • Kitchen implements, such as forks, spoons, mugs, plates, a high-sounding pot or pan and a low-sounding one.

Before listening:

  • Practise clicking fingers together in time, with a ‘snap’ (this is usually done by snapping the second finger against the base of the thumb).

Song: 'The Kitchen Sink'

Video: 'The Kitchen Sink' (vocal)
Video: 'The Kitchen Sink' (backing track)
Audio: 'The Kitchen Sink' (backing track)


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