Primary Music KS1: 1. One Tomato, Two Tomatoes…

The song is based on the well-known potato chant, adapted for tomatoes, peas, carrots, with rhythmic munches, crunches and scrunches!

1. One Tomato, Two Tomatoes...


  • Long and short notes
  • Bright clear singing
  • Higher and lower

You will need:

A variety of simple percussion at hand (eg a drum, a scraper, a woodblock, a cabaça or shaker, and a cymbal).

Before listening:

  • Talk about the children’s favourite foods and any rhymes they know about food (eg ‘Pat-a-Cake’, ‘Peter Piper,’ ‘One Potato, Two Potatoes’, etc).

Songs: 'One Tomato, Two Tomatoes' and 'Bake a Cake'

Video: 'One tomato, Two Tomatoes' (vocal).
Audio: 'One Tomato, Two Tomatoes' (backing track)
Audio: 'Bake a cake' (backing track)


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