Little Red Riding Hood. 5: Wolfie went a-walking

The Wolf races ahead to Grandma's cottage...where he digs his way underground and into her pantry.

Tutorial 5: Learn the song 'Wolfie went a-walking'

Song: 'Wolfie went a-walking'

  • Clap along to the steady pulse in the verses. Clap along to the fast beat of the chorus. Talk about how these are different.

  • Practise the clapping and different sounds / speech that happen in the pauses near the end of each verse.

  • Practise singing the chorus with lots of energy and swaying gently in time.

Sing with the full-vocal version of 'Wolfie went a-walking'
Sing with the backing track of 'Wolfie went a-walking'
Part 5 of the story

Part 5 of the story

Red Riding Hood continues to walk through the woods to Grandma's cottage. Meanwhile the Wolf is racing ahead, hoping to arrive at the cottage before Red Riding Hood. The Wolf arrives at the cottage where, inside, Grandma is dozing in a chair. She hears a knock at the door and a croaky voice claiming to be Red Riding Hood. But when she gets to the door she peeps through the letterbox - just to be sure. Grandma realises it's a wolf's paw and refuses to open the door.

The Wolf tries blowing the door down...without success...then considers going down the chimney...only he can see smoke coming from it. Finally he sees a worm and that gives him the idea to dig a tunnel under the house. He comes up into the pantry where he allows himself one sausage - a small starter before the main meal he is planning.

Click here for the illustrated transcript of the story episode.

Literacy links

Year 1: Talk about what you think Grandma’s cottage and garden look like based on what we have seen and heard. Draw a picture of them and add some simple labels for things like 'door' and 'roof'.

Year 2: Talk about the conversation that Grandma and the Wolf have through the letterbox. In pairs, act it out as Grandma and the Wolf. Make up some new lines of dialogue for them and share with the class.

Music activity 5

Music activity

  • Divide the class into two groups - Group A and Group B. When both groups are ready play the video.

  • Group A speaks the words, ‘Trip, trap,’ in time to the music. Group B sings Verse 1 over the top of this, cued by Sarah Jane.

  • Later, the children can make up their own two-part pieces of music working in pairs and using percussion instruments. One could play a low, steady beat, while the other plays some faster notes over the top.

  • Then share with the rest of the class.

An extract from 'Spring' from 'The Four Season' by Antonio Vivaldi (1725).

Listening music

Spring from The Four Seasons, by Antonio Vivaldi (1725).

  • What are the dynamics - the variation between loud and quiet? Is it fast or slow? What does it make the children think of?

  • The music is played by a string orchestra - a group of violins, violas and cellos.

  • Can children identify when the music is played by just two violins together?

Comprehension quiz

Five questions about the story.


Teacher's Notes
Music - Wolfie went a-walking
Lyrics - Wolfie went a-walking
Vocal warm-up
Meet the characters
Story transcript

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