Little Red Riding Hood. 1: I love red!

Red Riding Hood loves everything red...especially her red cloak. At the village shop she hears stories of a wolf in the woods.

Tutorial 1: Learn the song 'I love red!'

Song: 'I love red!'

  • Identify the long and short notes when you sing the different ‘reds’ in the chorus.

  • Spot the jumpy, fast rhythms of the words in the verses.

  • Identify which words in the verses have slower rhythms - eg ‘breeze’ in Verse 2.

Sing with the full-vocal version of 'I love red!'
Sing with the backing track of 'I love red!'
Part 1 of the story

Part 1 of the story

Red Riding Hood goes to the village shop. She is served by Mrs Midgley and they chat away together until Red Riding Hood mentions going to the woods. Suddenly Mrs Midgley becomes anxious and explains that her nephew - the woodcutter - lives in the woods and recently was woken up by the howl of a wolf. Later Red Riding Hood tells her mother about the wolf and she reassures her daughter there is no such animal. But that night Red Riding Hood thinks she can hear a strange sound coming from the direction of the the howl of a wolf...

Click here for the illustrated transcript of the story episode.

Literacy links

Reception / Year 1: Talk about all the red objects in the song. What other red things can the children think of? Draw some of them.

Year 2: Talk about the different colours in the song. Do the children have a favourite colour of their own? Ask the children to identify and describe objects that are their favourite colour - eg ‘yellow is the colour of the warm sun'.

Music activity 1: The focus is singing in a 'round'.

Music activity

  • Divide the class into two groups: Group A and Group B. Then play the video.

  • Both groups practise the words of the chorus before singing it in canon - one after the other - with Group A starting. Sarah Jane cues both groups when to start. Encourage the children to listen and work with their group and to come in together and in time.

  • Extend the activity by dividing the class into three or perhaps even four groups and repeat the singing of the chorus in canon - this time without the music track to help. How many times can the children sing the chorus staying in time?

An extract from 'Cinderella's Waltz' by Sergei Prokofiev (1946).

Listening music

Cinderella's Waltz from the Cinderella Suite, by Sergei Prokofiev (1946).

  • What do the children imagine when they listen to the music? Can they imagine Cinderella dancing with the prince at the ball?

  • Listen to the instruments. Which ones play the tune? (The violins - part of the string section of the orchestra).

  • Does the music start loudly or quietly? (It starts quietly and gradually gets louder).

Comprehension quiz

Five questions about the story.


Teacher's Notes
Music - I love red!
Lyrics - I love red!
Vocal warm-up
Meet the characters
Story transcript

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