Rocking Romans! Songs. 7: Gladiators - Into the arena

Song 7: 'Gladiators - Into the arena' - Vocal track

Sing with the vocal version of Song 7: 'Gladiators - Into the arena'

Song 7: 'Gladiators - Into the arena' - Backing track

Sing with the backing track of Song 7: 'Gladiators - Into the arena'

Practise singing the song with the full-vocal track.

Use the backing track to polish your performance once you are familiar with the lyrics / melody.

These songs feature in our KS2 musical Rocking Romans! which includes:

  • a performance script as either a Word document or pdf
  • audio of all the songs to download (as either vocal or backing tracks)
  • all the SFX to download
  • performance notes with plenty of ideas for how to stage your own production
  • everything you need to stage a brilliant performance!

Lyrics: 'Gladiators - Into the arena'

Into the arena,
Cruelty and horror,
Animals displayed there
Hunted till they die,
Antelope and elephant
And lion, bear and leopard,
Into the arena, why?

Into the arena,
Gladiators fighting,
Locked in mortal combat
Fighting to the death.
Wrestling with weaponry
And nets and shields and armour,
Struggling for their final breath.

Into the arena, go..!
Into the arena, go..!
Into the arena, go..!


Rocking Romans song lyrics

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