Rocking Romans! Songs. 2: Is that a fact?

Song 2: 'Is that a fact?' - Vocal track

Sing with the vocal version of Song 2: 'Is that a fact?'

Song 2: 'Is that a fact?' - Backing track

Sing with the backing track of Song 2: 'Is that a fact?'

Practise singing the song with the full-vocal track.

Use the backing track to polish your performance once you are familiar with the lyrics / melody.

These songs feature in our KS2 musical Rocking Romans! which includes:

  • a performance script as either a Word document or pdf
  • audio of all the songs to download (as either vocal or backing tracks)
  • all the SFX to download
  • performance notes with plenty of ideas for how to stage your own production
  • everything you need to stage a brilliant performance!

Lyrics: 'Is that a fact?'

Is that a fact?
How can we know?
Where is the evidence?
What does it show?
How can we tell if it’s really so?
Is that a fact?

Romulus and Remus
Abandoned twins
Saved by a wolf
With her teeth in a grin!
That’s where the story of Rome it begins
Is that a fact?

Julius Caesar
To Britain he came
‘Came, saw and conquered’
For glory and fame
Then he went home. Then he came back again!
Is that a fact?

Is that a fact?


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