KS2 Music: Ancient Egypt. Song: 'Amulets and hieroglyphs'

The song and other video content explores Ancient Egyptian society and culture including jobs, trade, food and religious beliefs.

Refer to the Teacher's Notes for more information about the song, including follow-up music activities based on it and suggestions for cross-curricular study.

What do we know about Ancient Egyptian society and culture?

Society and culture

This video gives pupils an understanding of the society and culture of Ancient Egypt and helps them to understand some of its achievements.

The video begins with an artefact from Ancient Egypt called a deben. A deben was a weight the Ancient Egyptians used to ensure fair and comparable trade of goods.

Moving through the video pupils will gain an overview of many of the jobs that Ancient Egyptians did, the importance of the pharaoh to Egyptian society, the significance of the River Nile to all aspects of life, the role of women in society and some of the ways the Ancient Egyptians liked to spend their leisure time.

Nanu - The Farm Girl

This video follows the story of Nanu, a fictitious 12-year-old farm girl from Ancient Egypt.

She lives with her mother and five brothers and sisters on a farm owned by Lord Wagaf. Since her father died, Nanu and her siblings work with their mother to run the farm - but Nanu dreams of becoming a doctor and makes offerings to the god of physicians every day.

We explore Nanu’s story and how important the River Nile was to successful farming in Ancient Egypt. We learn about the different seasons of Ahket and Peret and how farming changed during these times.

The video is particularly useful for exploring the life of a typical farming family in Ancient Egypt and also the differences between the lives of girls and boys.


Song: 'Amulets and hieroglyphs' - Instrumental

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