KS1 Music: Instruments Together

This five-part audio unit provides a structured, fun introduction to the world of instruments and how they work. See the Introduction below or go to the Teacher's Notes for full details.

1. Tip tap, tickle-tickle, bip bap, bong!
2. Blow, blow, blow
3. Twang those strings
4. Raise our voices to the sky!
5. Instruments together
Teacher's Notes


This series of KS1 Music focuses on instruments: how they work and the sounds they make. Each programme in the series highlights a group of instruments, starting with percussion.

'Tip tap, tickle-tickle, bip bap, bong!’ is a spoken chant which links body-percussion with classroom percussion. Next, ‘Blow, blow, blow’ is a gentle song relating wind and weather sounds to how different wind instruments create their sounds in the air. Then ‘Twang those strings’ introduces the diversity of string-sounds from guitars, ukuleles and the violin family. In ‘Raise our voices to the sky!’ the children find out about the voice as an instrument and discover a rich mix of keyboard sounds and sound-waves from the piano. The final song,‘Instruments together’, is a lively combination of every kind of sound with the emphasis on catchy, syncopated rhythms and performing together...it can make a great dance too!