Jack and the Beanstalk. 3: And the beanstalk grew

Tutorial 3: Learn the song 'And the beanstalk grew'

Tutorial: 'And the beanstalk grew'

During the tutorial the children will:

  • Learn Verses 1 - 3.
  • Learn the Chorus.
  • Note the rests between each ‘Shh!’ at the beginning of every verse.
  • Note the ascending scale of the chorus - the notes go from low to high and ascend one step at a time.
  • Note how the words of the first three lines of each verse are repeated. They also share the same rhythm.

Song: 'And the beanstalk grew'

  • Practise singing 'And the beanstalk grew' making sure that children sing the very low notes and the slow, ascending scale in the chorus with accuracy.

  • Help children to understand that the notes in the chorus are slow and long.

  • As the children sing they can crouch low then gradually stretch up tall, like the beanstalk.

Sing with the full-vocal version of 'And the beanstalk grew'
Sing with the backing track of 'And the beanstalk grew'

The story

There are two episodes of the Jack and the Beanstalk story on each content page.

Episode 5 of the story

Episode 5

Jack decides he can definitely trust the old man and so he decides to accept the five beans in exchange in Daisy.

The man promises he will take very good care of Daisy...and he reaches into his coat to give Jack a new pair of shoes, which he says Jack is going to need. Then Jack says farewell to Daisy.

At home Ma is eager to know if Jack got five gold coins for Daisy but when he tells her what has happened she is horrified telling Jack that he has been tricked. Jack is sure that the beans really are magic...but Ma sends Jack to bed and flings the beans out of the window into the garden.

Episode 6 of the story

Episode 6

Jack is worried about the beans in the garden. What if some birds should eat the beans before the magic has a chance to work?

Jack goes to bed hoping that the magic will come true that night. If what the old man has told him is true then Jack will be able to look after his Ma and all the other villagers too.

Jack goes to sleep and then something strange begins to happen...there's a rumbling sound outside in the garden, as if something is trying to burst out of the ground. There's a rustling sound too, which carries on right through the night...

Literacy links

Year 1: Use volunteers to act out the scene between Jack and his Ma from Episode 5, showing how upset she is and how she throws the beans into the garden. The whole class could act out the part of the beanstalk as it rises.

Year 2: Discuss where the children think the beanstalk might lead. What would they do if they were Jack? Write a line or two describing what they would like to find at the top of the beanstalk - what people, what animals, what buildings?

An extract from 'Passacaglia', Opus 1, by Anton Webern.

Extract from Passacaglia, Opus 1, by Anton Webern.

  • Listen to the opening. Can children hear an instrument playing high notes (a flute)? Can they also hear notes being played on string instruments that are being plucked, not bowed?

  • The string notes are spaced apart with a pause between each one. What is this pause called? (A rest - a gap or silence).

  • What is the tempo (speed)? Slow - just like our song today.

Comprehension quiz

Four questions about Episode 5 and four questions about Episode 6.


Teacher's Notes
Lyrics - And the beanstalk grew
Sheet music - And the beanstalk grew

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