Jack and the Beanstalk. 2: Jack went to market

Tutorial 2: Learn the song 'Jack went to market'

Tutorial: 'Jack went to market'

During the tutorial the children will:

  • Learn Verse 1 - singing with energy and expression.
  • Learn Chorus 1 - reaching up high for those top notes.
  • Learn Verses 2 - 5 and Choruses 2 - 5.
  • Notice how the noises that the animals make always have the same steady rhythm, apart from the final ‘wiggle, wiggle!’ of the little worm, which has a faster rhythm.
  • Notice how the animal noises in the verses are always on the same note.
  • Notice how in each verse the words ‘happily’ and ‘everywhere’ have the same jumpy low to high note pattern.

Song: 'Jack went to market'

  • Note how the animal noises in the verses are always on the same note but the animal noises in the choruses are on notes that descend.

  • Note how the words happily and everywhere have exactly the same jumpy low to high note pattern.

  • Children need to really concentrate and try to remember the order of the animals as they add them.

Sing with the full-vocal version of Song 2: 'Jack went to market'
Sing with the backing track of Song 2: 'Jack went to market'

The story

There are two episodes of the Jack and the Beanstalk story on each content page.

Episode 3 of the story

Episode 3

Jack wakes in the morning and remembers he must take Daisy to market.

He arrives at the busy market and gazes around in wonder at the bustling stalls. Everywhere he looks there is delicious food to eat - bread, cheese, fruit and cakes - everything that Jack had imagined in his daydream.

He sees a little worm in an apple and it reminds him of the apple core in the cupboard at home.

And then Jack remembers why he has come to the market: it is time to sell Daisy.

Episode 4 of the story

Episode 4

Jack is feeling nervous as he tries to sell Daisy - a bargain he says at just five gold coins. A crowd surrounds Jack asking questions about Daisy. But when they hear that Daisy produces no milk they mock Jack and tell him to leave.

Jack sets off for home again, feeling hungry and wondering what his Ma will think.

Suddenly Jack meets a mysterious old man with twinkly eyes. The man wishes to buy Daisy and will give Jack five tiny beans for her. The man claims they are magic beans that will bring Jack and his Ma great wealth.

What should Jack do?

Literacy links

Year 1: Talk about the animals the children would like to see if they went to market. Make a zigzag book and on the first page write, ‘When I went to market, I saw...’ They then draw and label the animals.

Year 2: Children make up their own market poem, starting with the title, ‘Jack went to market and what did he see?’ Then make up some additional animals and the sounds they make - he saw a little cat and the cat said ‘Meow’, etc.

Listening music 2: An extract from 'Discovery of India' by Ravi Shankar

Listening music

Discovery of India by Ravi Shankar.

  • This music from India is played by a famous musician called Ravi Shankar. Ravi is playing the sitar - a bit like a large guitar but with seven strings.

  • There are lots of different rhythms playing at once. The main beat is played by small hand drums.

  • Is the tone of the music happy or sad? Is it slow or fast?

Comprehension quiz

Four questions about Episode 3 and four questions about Episode 4.


Teacher's Notes
Lyrics - Jack went to market
Sheet music - Jack went to market

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