Jack and the Beanstalk. 1: What shall we do?

Tutorial 1: Learn the song 'What shall we do?'

Tutorial: 'What shall we do?'

During the tutorial the children will:

  • Learn the Chorus
  • Learn Verses 1 to 3
  • Identify the notes which are long and those which are short
  • Think about ‘call and response’, with Group A singing the questions in each verse and Group B singing the answers
  • Can children spot the lines in the verses which are repeated?

Song: 'What shall we do?'

Talk about the tempo of the song. (Fast!) There are lots of short, quick notes - but there are some longer notes too. Help the children to identify them.

Notice how Verse 1 has the same rhythm as Verse 2. Clap the rhythm of these two verses.

Ensure the children are ready to come in quickly in their groups for the call and response sections.

Sing with the full-vocal version of 'What shall we do?'
Sing with the backing track of 'What shall we do?'

The story

There are two episodes of the Jack and the Beanstalk story on each content page.

Episode 1 of the story

Episode 1

Jack lives in a small village with his Ma.

They are very poor and hungry but when they look in the kitchen cupboards they can only find mouldy cheese, a rotten apple core and a pair of smelly socks.

They must do something - but what?

Episode 2 of the story

Episode 2

Things are getting worse for Jack and his Ma!

Their cow, Daisy, is getting too old to produce milk so Ma decides Jack must sell her at the market to get some money for food.

Poor Jack…Daisy is his only friend.

Literacy links

Year 1: Ask the children to think of more things in the cupboard that no one would want to eat - eg a squashed banana. Divide a piece of paper into three sections to make the cupboard shelves and draw and label the items.

Year 2: Jack and his Ma have been busy selling household objects. Discuss what they’ve had to sell and write a list. Design a ‘For sale’ poster for the items - eg for Daisy: 'Cow for sale! Very friendly! Doesn't give much milk!'

Listening music: 3rd Movement from Flute Concerto in D Minor by CPE Bach

Listening music

3rd Movement from Flute Concerto in D Minor by CPE Bach.

  • Can the children identify the solo instrument? (A flute). The instruments in the orchestra are string instruments - violins, violas, cellos and double basses.

  • Tempo: Is the music fast or slow? (It’s fast with many quick notes). Are the notes long and smooth or short and jumpy? (Short and jumpy!)

Comprehension quiz

Four questions about Episode 1 and four questions about Episode 2.


Teacher's Notes
Lyrics - What shall we do?
Sheet music - What shall we do?

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