KS2 Music / Dance / Drama / History: World War 1 Performance Pack - 'Archie Dobson's War'. Drama - Part 1

Archie Dobson's War - Part 1


It is the summer of 1914 and the Dobsons are getting ready to visit their country cousins, the Carters. Ten-year-old Archie Dobson is particularly excited to be seeing his older cousin Walter. His difficult older sister Mabel is less enthusiastic, believing herself to be superior to her rural cousin Lizzie.

During their visit Walter tells Archie of a great adventure he believes to be coming in the near future...and when war is declared later that summer Walter enlists in the army and leaves for France during a grand parade. Archie watches Walter as he leaves and thinks it is the most exciting thing he’s ever seen. But what impact will the war have on their lives?


  • Meet the Dobsons

    Archie Dobson introduces his family as they discuss a visit to the country. Duration: 03:39

  • Meet the Carters

    The Dobsons' country cousins the Carters discuss the Dobsons' visit. Duration: 02:16

  • Dream of the future

    Cousins Archie and Walter and Mabel and Lizzie talk of their dreams of the future. Duration: 03:17

  • War breaks out

    When war is declared, Mabel is unimpressed but Archie is excited. Duration: 02:38

  • Your country needs you!

    In town, the Dobsons encounter a recruiting officer. Duration: 03:08

  • Walter's adventure

    Kathleen is upset when Walter tells her his intentions. Duration: 02:06

  • Walter goes to war

    Walter sets off on his adventure. Duration: 05:11


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Archie Dobson's War - The Playscript
Transcript of 'Archie Dobson's War' - drama part 1

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