Here come the questions!

The rainbow quizzes are graded. Red is the easiest, Violet is the most difficult. They're aimed at P1s approximately - but of course may suit children in other age groups, or for revision.

How to use them

  1. First, have a look at the pdfs. These will show you all the questions and answers, so you can see exactly what each quiz covers.

  2. Decide how you want to use each quiz. Children can either write all their answers down to check afterwards, or you could use the quiz as a hands-up class activity - perhaps with children holding up the number of fingers for each question to show their answer.

  3. When you're all set, make sure your speakers are enabled, and the volume is up. Then click the play arrow on 'Questions'.

  4. When you've listened to the questions and everyone's finished writing, it's time to click 'Answers'!

PS If you're looking for slightly harder quizzes, there are three more sets here.

Good luck to all quizzers!!

Mini Rainbows Quiz - Red
Mini Rainbows Quiz - Orange
Mini Rainbows Quiz - Yellow
Mini Rainbows Quiz - Green
Mini Rainbows Quiz - Blue
Mini Rainbows Quiz - Indigo
Mini Rainbows Quiz - Violet