Maths Challenge 1. Quiz 8: Multiplying with zeroes

Join Ralph and Matrix for the final quiz in this series - and today their questions include some about multiplying with zeroes.

Before taking part in the quiz make sure you have a pencil or pen and a piece of paper ready for writing down your answers - better still, print off our answer sheet below.

Use your mental maths muscle to note down your answer to each of Ralph's questions during the timed pauses. Then be ready to mark your sheet when Matrix gives the answers. At the end total up your score to see if you're a Mental Maths Mastermind!

The quiz lasts about 15 minutes and has three clearly marked sections:

  • Beat the clock! A quick fire round with questions coming thick and fast.
  • Problem solving. Join Ralph and Matrix solving maths problems on their whistle stop tour of the British Isles.
  • Number juggling. Applying addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to three numbers to come up with Matrix's target number.


Download audio
Maths Challenge Quiz 8 - Download / print answer sheet (pdf)
Maths Challenge Quiz 8 - Download / print transcript (pdf)

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