KS2 Maths. Maths Challenge 1

Quiz 1: Multiplication
Quiz 2: Division and factors
3: Addition and subtraction of the number 9
4: Adding and subtracting two-digit numbers
5: Complementary addition
6: Rounding numbers up and down
7: Calculating with large numbers
Quiz 8: Multiplying with zeroes
Quiz 9: Dividing tenths

Maths Challenge - Mental Maths Quiz

Each Maths Challenge Quiz has three sections:

  • 1: Beat the clock! Quick fire questions across a range of themes.
  • 2: Problem solving. Applying mathematical strategies to real-world situations.
  • 3: Juggling numbers. Using mathematical processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to juggle three numbers to create a target number.

Each quiz is about 15 minutes long and has been devised to consolidate mental maths skills at Key Stage 2 - they're particularly suitable for pupils aged 10/11. The emphasis is firmly on having fun with numbers.

Taking part in each quiz

  • Make sure you have a pen or pencil ready before you start. You'll need these for your answers.
  • Also make sure you have a piece of paper to write down your answers. Or you can print out our answer sheets from each quiz page.
  • Then watch and listen carefully to the quiz and fill in the answer sheet as you go during the timed pauses. You can also use the answer sheet for any working out.
  • At the end of each section mark your sheets as Matrix gives the answers.
  • At the very end total up your score to see how you've done! Will you be a Mental Maths Mastermind..?

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