PSHE KS2: 4. Automato tomato… or What is a good life?

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Princess Felicity is keen to give up her ‘perfect’ life on planet Automato, where her every need is met at the touch of a button. Down on planet Earth, Billy would do anything to swap places with her...

The episode is 15 minutes long and has three parts. You can listen to the episode straight through, or stop listening after each part to engage with the classroom activities and discussions.

You may wish to ask some of these questions after listening to each part of the story:

Part 1:

  • Do you think that Automato sounds like a good place? Could you have a ‘good life’ there?
  • What do you like / dislike about Automato?
  • Why do you think Princess Felicity is unhappy on Automato?
  • Do you think technology always improves life? Can you think of a time when it has improved your life? Or a time when it has done the opposite?
  • Can you have all the ingredients for a good life and still be unhappy? How?

Part 2

  • How is Billy’s life different to Felicity’s?
  • Is it true to say that Billy is making the best of what he has? How?

Part 3:

  • The King says he is always looking for the 'ingredients for a good life.’ What do you think this means?
  • Can you think of someone who has a ‘good life’? What makes it good?
  • Can you have a 'better' life than someone else? How?
  • How would you describe Billy’s life versus Princess Felicity’s life? Which would you prefer?

Suggested activities

You could try:

  • Eliciting 10 ‘ingredients for a good life’ from the class. You could suggest some of your own, eg water and education. Then you could ask students to work in small groups to select their top five ingredients, debating among themselves before feeding back to the rest of the class. If they had all of these ingredients, would they then be satisfied and never need anything else again?
  • Asking pupils to elaborate on what they think they would find on planet Automato and how they think life would be there. Which other gadgets would make life easier? If they could invent a gadget which would make their life easier now, what would it be? They could then write a story about this or about the day they visited Automato.
'Just Think...' Teachers' Notes

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