PSHE KS2: Just Think...

Just Think… is a series of funny and thought-provoking stories to help pupils aged 7 - 11 to get to grips with big ideas. Each story is framed around one of life’s big questions, such as ‘What does it mean to be brave?’ or ‘Is it ever ok to lie?'

Drawing on tested ‘philosophy for children’ techniques, the Just Think… series will help pupils to probe key ethical and interpersonal concepts, develop articulacy and build their capacity to ask high-level questions.

Just Think… is designed to encourage high-level questioning skills. There are no clear 'right or wrong' answers to the questions raised by the stories: rather the aim is to encourage discussion and debate.

Each episode is 15 minutes long and has three parts. You can listen to the whole episode straight through, or stop listening after each section to engage with the classroom activities and discussions.

Just Think… maps to KS2 by providing opportunities:

  • ‘for children and young people to reflect on and clarify their own values and attitudes’ and 'to explore, clarify
  • and if necessary challenge, their own and others’ values, attitudes, beliefs, rights and responsibilities.'

You may choose to focus work with Just Think... on developing skills - in particular discussion skills. For example:

  • making contributions relevant to the topic and taking turns in discussion
  • qualifying or justifying what students think after listening to others' questions or accounts
  • dealing politely with opposing points of view and enabling discussion to move on.

You can also find suggestions for focussed writing activities inspired by the .Just Think...* stories in the individual notes that accompany each episode.

1. Sir Alvin and the Dragon... or What does it mean to be brave?
2. Larry the Lyrebird… or Is it ever ok to lie?
3. Dave’s cave… or What’s fair?
4. Automato tomato… or What is a good life?
5. Green Beard’s treasure… or why are we here?
'Just Think...' Teachers' Notes