Space. 2: Meet the aliens!

in the second session the children arrive at the moon and make friends with some aliens.

2. Meet the aliens!

In the second session the children continue their journey in the spaceship. They reach the moon and make friends with some aliens.


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Teacher's Notes
Song video: 'Rocket into space'

Lesson summary:

Warm up: being a supernova. Working on your own and with a partner.

Take-off to the moon: working with a partner – showing the pointy nose and tail of the rocket, leaping up and making curvy pathways, reaching up high.

Saturn and the rings of rock and ice: working with a partner. Curved, outstretched arms and gentle swaying movements for Saturn; low to high swishing movements for the rings of rock and ice.

Walking on the moon: isolating arms and legs. Taking light steps around the space, as though on the surface of the moon. Adding an exaggerated jump to create a sequence.

The aliens: creating an alien, then exploring the interesting and unique way that it moves. Using a variety of body shapes and gestures to show this.

Aliens/Astronauts: putting the above movements together, to make a sequence, with group A and group B taking it in turns to move, then freeze.

The escape: working with a partner, using detailed hand movements, to pull levers and press buttons in the rocket.

Blast off again: working with a partner to show the fast and exciting homeward rocket journey.

Cool down: relaxing and taking deep breaths.

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