Space. 1: Journey to the moon

Children begin their dance space adventure with a journey to the moon.

1. Journey to the moon

In the first session the children take a trip in their spaceship to the moon. They see many interesting things on the way, including shooting stars and supernovas.


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Teacher's Notes
Song video: 'Rocket into space'

Lesson summary:

Warm up: children work on their own in a space, stretching out arms and legs in a controlled way and spreading and fluttering fingers, as though they are a star.

Take-off to the moon: leaping up and making a curvy pathway through the space, stretching up high.

Earth: stretching, with a wide, curved body shape and spinning gently, as though moving around the sun.

Sun: standing still in a space and moving arms and hands to depict the sun’s rays.

Sun and the earth: working with a partner. The earth spins slowly around the sun.

Floating in space: isolating arms and legs. Taking light, controlled steps.

Shooting stars: spinning arms and zig-zagging quickly around the space.

Supernovas: star jumps on the spot.

Shooting stars/Supernovas: putting the above movements together to make a sequence, with group A and group B taking it in turns to move, then freeze.

Cool down: relaxing and taking deep breaths.

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