Knights, castles and dragons. 2: The sword in the stone

The children explore a classic Arthurian legend through movement.

2. The sword in the stone

The second story in the unit follows the well-known legend of how a boy called Arthur becomes king when he pulls the sword from the stone.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary:

Warm up: clapping in time to the music; skipping around the space.

Make a spell: skipping in a circle and placing something in the cauldron.

Snowy the owl: flying in small and large circles as Snowy the owl.

Play sword fight: moving in time to music and co-ordinating actions to beat.

Galloping: moving in unison with high steps.

The sword in the stone: as knights, trying to remove the sword from the stone.

Arthur draws the sword: close partner work as the stone and Arthur drawing the sword.

The sizzling cauldron: children create the swirling, sizzling contents of the cauldron.

Cool down: controlled breathing.

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