Knights, castles and dragons. 3: Robin Hood

Children explore the legend of Robin Hood through movement and dance.

3. Robin Hood

The final session in this unit builds a short narrative around the legendary character of Robin Hood and his fellow outlaw Will Scarlett. The Sheriff of Nottingham steals money from the poor and places it in a chest under his bed. Robin must retrieve the money and later takes part in an archery contest in Nottingham Castle. But is it just a trap..?


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary:

Warm up: clapping then jumping with light, bouncy legs.

Skipping: contrasting movement and stasis and Robin hides from the Sheriff.

Creeping to the castle: controlled movement low to the ground to creep towards the castle.

Robin’s arrow flies through the air: travelling with upper body extension as Robin’s arrow.

Striding through the forest: mirroring travelling movement in pairs.

Robin fires an arrow! Controlled upper body movement to fire an arrow.

Robin and Will escape: travelling in pairs, leaping high in time to the music.

Cool down: controlled stretching and breathing.

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