Knights, castles and dragons. 1: The dragon hunt

Justin Fletcher has the first of three dance sessions inspired by medieval fantasy.

1. The dragon hunt

The first dance session in the unit concerns two royal children: Mary and George. When their parents the King and Queen are swallowed by a dragon Mary and George set off to find the unruly creature. And Mary brings a secret weapon with her...


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary:

Warm up: travelling around the space and showing the contrast between movement and stasis.

Climbing a tree: movement at contrasting heights to show climbing a tree.

Travelling around the castle: pair work in unison.

Play sword fighting: upper body movements in time to the music showing slow motion sword actions.

Making the dragon: showing the dragon moving.

Finding the dragon: a contrasting sequence of movements as the children travel through a variety of terrains.

Escape from the dragon: moving back through a variety of terrains with a more urgent feeling.

Cool down: simple relaxation through controlled breathing.

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