Egg stravaganza! 2: Boil it, beat it, toss it, eat it!

Justin Fletcher's dances are based on tasty recipes with eggs - boiled eggs and soldiers!

2. Boil it, beat it, toss it, eat it!

In part two of this unit the children 'egg-speriment' with egg recipes, dancing as boiled eggs and egg-soldiers, then performing actions for mixing, cooking, tossing and catching pancakes. They also serve up their egg-creations in a restaurant scene as waiters and customers.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary:

Warm-up: skipping in a class circle.

Boil it: moving as an egg dancing round in hot, bubbling water.

Dippy egg soldiers: travelling in straight lines with rhythmic marching steps.

Beat it: after a wriggle and shake, mixing and preparing pancakes.

Toss it, catch it: combining pancake actions into a sequence.

Eat it: creating a restaurant scene, as waiters and customers.

Cool down: yawns, and rolling down to a curled-up position.

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