Egg stravaganza! 1: Whose egg is this?

Justin Fletcher has the first dance of the unit - about eggs that hatch.

1. Whose egg is this?

Spring is really buzzing and eggs are everywhere in Egg stravaganza! First, eggs hatch into all sorts of creatures - insects, frogs, ducks and dinosaurs, with opportunities for lots of animal movements.


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Teacher's Notes

Lesson summary:

Warm-up: follow-the-leader class line, to make a class-circle.

Insect eggs into insects: curling up in an insect egg, hatching into a caterpillar, travelling as a butterfly.

Frogs eggs into baby frogs: wriggling as frogspawn, dashing as tadpoles, jumping as frogs.

Duck eggs into baby ducklings: standing in a line, waddling and swimming gracefully.

Dinosaur eggs into baby dinosaurs: stretching, heavy-stamping and freezing in dinosaur-shapes.

Egg party: dance like your favourite animal from today.

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