Room on the Broom. 2: A truly magnificent broom!

The second of two dances sessions inspired by Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.

2. A truly magnificent broom!

This session picks up the narrative of the story from the point at which the Witch flies off into the cloud until the end. It introduces the new characters of Dragon and Mud Monster. Once again plenty of time is given to the revision of concepts covered earlier, but the range of work is broadened to include individual, pair and whole-class activity, work on body shape and the simple compositional idea of action and reaction.


Teacher's Notes
Song video: 'When you want to make a spell'

Lesson summary:

Warm-up: introduces a range of body shapes; revises the story with a wobbly, half-broomstick ride.

Dragon: gesture depicting character.

Witch and chips: pair work, travelling on a follow-my-leader pathway.

Witch without chips and Dragon flies away: simple action and reaction work.

Mud Monster: individual creative body shapes.

A truly magnificent broom: final performance opportunity for best-ever broomstick rides!

Ending activity: thinking about your own magnificent broom...and where to go on it!

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