Primary History KS2: WW2 Clips. Churchill: 'Their finest hour'

PM Winston Churchill prepares the nation for the battle to come.

Churchill: 'Their finest hour'

Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) became Prime Minister in 1940, leading an all-party war coalition. He was to lead the country throughout the war years, until after victory in Europe had been secured.

Churchill was a master at both writing and delivering speeches. The many memorable speeches he made during the war - 'blood, sweat and tears', 'we shall fight them on the beaches', 'their finest hour', 'the few' - have been credited with galvanising national spirit and helping to inspire eventual victory.

Churchill had only recently become Prime Minister when he made this speech on 18 June 1940. In it he prepares the nation for the Battle of Britain to come.

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