1. Queen of the Iceni

1. The Queen of the Iceni

The story begins with Boudicca rallying the tribes of Britons as they face a battle against the Romans. Then we hear about the recent events that have led Boudicca to make her revolt. Boudicca is Queen of the Iceni tribe, who inhabited modern-day Norfolk. After the invasion of 43AD the Romans and the Iceni learn to live in peace, though the Iceni have to pay a tax - or tribute - to the Romans in order to maintain their independence.

When Boudicca's husband, Prasutagus, dies Boudicca is confident that the relationship with the Romans will not change. After all, Prasutagus has left half his wealth to the Roman Emperor to ensure continued good will. At Prasutagus's funeral Boudicca hears from the leader of the neighbouring tribe, the Trinovantes, that Roman soldiers to the south have been stealing and killing and that order has broken down.

The Roman governor of Britain is Gaius Suetonius Paulinus and he is currently away in Wales where he is attempting to destroy the power of the druids. The disorder experienced by the Trinovantes now spreads to Boudicca's lands. When she tries to stop Roman soldiers from stealing from the Iceni she is whipped. It is this abuse - to her, her family and people - that leads Boudicca to begin her revolt. Finally we hear Boudicca praying for victory to Andraste - the Briton's goddess of victory.

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