KS2 History: The Anglo-Saxons. 4: Beowulf - Part one

The first part of the Anglo-Saxon story of Beowulf.

Video: Beowulf - Part 1

4. Beowulf - Part one

Ensure you watch the Beowulf drama to assess its suitability before sharing with your group.

Hrothgar - King of the Danes - announces he is to build a new mead hall where his people can come together to celebrate. Construction takes two years but when the hall - called Heorot - is finally finished everyone agrees it is the most magnificent building.

That night there is a feast to celebrate. But out on the moor a monster is approaching - Grendel. Grendel breaks down the door of the hall and slaughters 30 of those inside, before escaping. He returns the following night and the carnage continues...night after night.

Overseas in Geatland, a prince called Beowulf hears of the plight of the Danes. He goes to his own king - Hygelac - and asks permission to sale to Denmark to help Hrothgar against the monster.


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