KS2 History: The Anglo-Saxons. 1: The Anglo-Saxons arrive

A girl and her father - Britons - watch ships approaching...settlers from Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands...the people who will become the Anglo-Saxons.

Drama: The Anglo-Saxons arrive

1. The Anglo-Saxons arrive

1600 years ago. A beach on the east coast of England. A child and her father watch as ships appear on the horizon. They are from the countries we now called Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands...people who will become the Anglo-Saxons.

The first Anglo-Saxons arrived as raiders, taking away with them whatever precious articles they could plunder. But later they brought their families and settled the fertile land.

Two hundred years later and the Anglo-Saxons now rule the land. A thane returns to his home where his wife quizzes him about the recent 'witan' - a meeting of Anglo-Saxon leaders. The thane reveals that he must shortly leave to fight for the king. Everything they possess is dependent on royal patronage, so he must do as the king commands.

Later, new ships appear on the horizon - new raiders from the north. The Vikings.


Song: 'We are Anglo-Saxons!' (Vocal)

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